I will say after meeting Zedd twice, he’s an eccentric dude. Though the amazing weirdo you pull all sorts of crazy shit with. He was a wide eyed child who was having tons of fun dicking around with fans. “I want to take a picture!” as he grabbed my phone.

Not to mention, I felt great getting to talk to him on the release of Clarity. I really wanted to tell him how much sincere heart is packed into his album and I’m glad I got my chance to. He’s a wonderful guy, and I hope he always stays as humble and eccentric as he is.

Porter can’t pull off ‘cool guy’ mode for too long. He’s too much of an amazing dweeb. Though he’s just himself and that’s all that matters. It was like reuniting with an old friend. I poked him in the shaven part of his head and made fun of his undercut even if its grown on me now.

"I’m gunna cut it shorter every time somebody insults it." Asshole, lol

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