It’s been one year since I saw Dir en grey before I left for Japan with all my friends. Four times scattered between Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and Toronto.

I think one of my favorite memories is telling the idiotic drunk people behind us in Philadelphia to stop talking obnoxiously during Kyo’s acappellas. There was a reason why the venue was silent. One of them gets cheeky and goes, “I’ll stop talking when you stop head banging.”

As soon as the next song started up, I went even harder than I had and cracked him in the face with the back of my head. Bitch this isn’t an EDM show, or a classical orchestra  This is Dir en grey. Have you listened to them? This is Sparta and if you can’t handle it, move because you’re going to get knocked around.

Needless to say, he moved back.

original gif I saw this tumblr user: “sandrazaslavski” post. I don’t like people reposting my gifs. :p fight me if you don’t like it. i will beat you with a taco.

 I was rewatching this amazing Porter Robinson 2011 documentary. Enjoy.