Kanye West took on the man-skirt trend at last night’s 12-12-12 concert for Sandy relief. What do you think, does he measure up to Marc?

I’mma let you finish Kanye, but Toshiya of Dir en grey had the best kilt/pants combo of all time. 

Yes, I did.


8. more. days. silver spring!! I’m definitely wearing my “music is everything” cap.

I haven’t been this pumped since going to see GazettE at Yokohama Arena.  

so excited.

Sadie lalala Sadie and the like.

I found Sadie to be very personal during the Friday events. I wasn’t too pleased with having to run from one event to the other repeatedly, since this caused mild friction, but we made due with it. It was what it was, and all of it was excellent in the end. The most important thing was getting to hear them play music, which was AWESOME.

The concert, we ended up behind some girls who had no idea what was going on. We head banged so hard, that they had to shrink towards the back of the other row’s chairs to get away from it. I kept apologizing to the girl in front of me because she didn’t really think that it would be this extreme, lol. 

As for the line, well. We had lined up (or tried to) when heidi. line started, but security was like “no guys”. So we were like, cool, no big. We’ll come up when the line goes in, and such. Though they didn’t want that either. Fine. No need to get these guys pissed off. So we went to the meet and greet line, and ended up splitting up. Half of us stayed in that line, half of us went upstairs to go start the line/etc. People in back of the group were cool with extra people coming in. It wasn’t like fifteen. It was four. Did you see how big that hall was? Yeah, no big deal. 

Well, the meet and greet ran late, did not finish, and we were told, “oh god, we’re screwed” because they had moved this suddenly giant line to the escalator, and apparently the same people who were “cool with that”, were suddenly like NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT. NO. (Ya, you cut too! Lookie that!) Security was like NO SPOT HOLDING. Well ain’t that some shit. If I knew that, I wished they’d told that to everyone else holding spots at prior events and such. (Like the Q&A, with the front saving spots for six other people. I was fine with it. What was I going to say?) Though, I wasn’t going to stress out about it. It was more so “well that sucks, okay, but whatever!” No drama for me. I was having a drama free day, and I’m pretty easy going. I was just irritated by the sheer disorganization of that. If I knew they’d pull that, none of us would’ve went to that meet and greet. Though it was what it was, and we ended up having a great time! They were awesome! I’d not seen Mao in that type of make up in years. 

The most important thing was, everyone had FUN. They were amazing, and I was happy to see them have such a big turn out. I hope everyone that went, DID have a good time. :) I’ll upload pictures later.. I’m tired as hell.

So in two days, I will be flying from New York City to Anaheim, California.

I’m coming!!! Can’t wait to see them with a bunch of my friends. It’s going to be intense.

Memory: October 27th. Yokohama. In the room that looked like it was built for three or four rows of movie theater seats.

Hizumi struggles to sing Abyss.

The venue is completely vacant of light. There’s shadows of heads that look like they blend completely into the venue itself. There’s nothing. Nothing more than a single bright spot light that comes from behind Tsukasa. It illuminates the stage, and casts Hizumi’s shadow on the side of walls. My face embraces this light, and I’m sitting on a small platform along side the sound booth. It’s easier to see and move back here. Even if I’m taking a breather now, I can see the stage. I can see Hizumi’s outline.

'Abyss'. The ripple of drums and vocals whip through me and nothing else. 

I’ll never forget that.