Hugo’s birthday is coming up.

So this is the third year in a row this is going on, and you guys have always rocked it so hard in getting submissions in for his birthday.

Go ahead and submit a birthday shout out to Hugo here: http://happybirthdayhugo.tumblr.com/ and he’ll see it at midnight on his birthday like he always does. Little guy is turning 20 this year, and is no longer the teenager we know.

However to me, he’ll probably always be fifteen. Anyway, head over to his birthday blog and submit your stuff! :)

Pacha turned itself into a surreal experience for me. The club being a usually overcrowded, underground work of hidden night life wedged in uptown Manhattan. I always generally avoid it like the plague unless Hugo or Porter plays there. Last night turned into one of those things where I ended up there because Hugo was back in town.

Why I say surreal was because there’s usually never a line at ten o’clock, and there was quite the line to get in this time around. When I walked in, I watched the dance floor fill up pretty quickly. It was a drastic turn out. Many more coming out to catch him than I’ve seen.

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