The past two shows have been stunning. Off to my third show in Pomona tonight. This is 100% a live show, not a rave.

It was interesting to see how many people were confused when they walked in, lol.

Leaving New York to fly to San Francisco today for Porter’s show tomorrow! If any of you lovely people are going to SF, the Los Angeles or the Pomona date, I will be there. First couple of stops in my pilgrimage on the Worlds tour. I look forward to it!

I think half of why I’m also so stoked for Worlds is the fact that the Language Tour left a lasting impression on me. It was one of the most impactful events of the year 2012 for me. It opened up numerous doors about myself, music, about friends, about Porter himself. It introduced me to The M Machine and Mat Zo. I met so many amazing people, who are still part of my family today because of it. I jumped even farther out of my comfort zone, and this was all within two dates.

I promised myself back then, that if Porter ever threw another tour, I’d go to many more dates to gain an experience similar to that again. It would be foolish to compare Worlds to Language, because Porter has taken a different route, but the important thing is: The concept is the same. It’s for the fans, it’s totally HIS, this future tour is basically even more a piece of himself than anything he’s ever done, I feel. I want to be there, I want to travel, see even more places, reunite with people I’ve not seen in months, hear brand new songs, and continue my journey as myself.

I feel incredibly privileged to even be a part of it, and I want everyone to be a part of it too. It may seem almost silly, but if I’m with people, who are just as excited to see Porter as me, and just discovered him, YESTERDAY or something (or have never seen him live), I get really happy. I want everyone to see him, and hear his music. That’s why I think this tour is really important. 

That’s why I’m willing to go 100%. It’s the one piece of something, that is entirely mine, and nobody can take. My happiness when it comes to this guy and his music. 

Happy birthday Porter!

Well, you’re not an actual baby anymore. You’re turning twenty-two, and have accomplished so much already - and it’s a clear and beautiful path ahead for you. Really, happy birthday, and thank you for allowing me to celebrate another year with you as the ultimate homie. You’ve grown up a lot during the year, and I want to say that I’m always very proud of you. Your passion has been my inspiration since you were a wee teenager in an angsty black hoodie, posing in the middle of snow fall. So keep doing what you do, keep growing, keep being curious and keep integrating art into your beautiful music. 

From the very first time we all saw you in person, you’ve changed the game for me and a lot of others. So enjoy the rest of this year, because it’s all yours, and we’ll toast to your new album and have a lot of fun when the tour rolls around. Can’t wait to see you present the album you’ve worked so hard on and are so proud of.

Happy birthday butt head!

Fav pic because North Carolina (^_^)

So let’s talk about it, right?

I had been discussing this article for a while a month ago, and I really wanted to write it with the approach of Worlds and the tour and all of that. So I wrote this sort of in a format as if I’m speaking so that’s why the format is a little strange. It’s an article about Porter and his awesome fans. I’m going to add to it, but check it out.

He’s just a normal guy.
In the middle of 2012 I met this young man in person who had already proven to not only influence me, but dozens of other people that I’ve come to consider like family. It was a reality that donned on me that artists of the dance community could produce massive groups of fans -and- keep them. Let’s rewind back to build up before The Language Tour, where I came across unity and passion in music once again. Porter Robinson. Attracting dozens of over zealous, creative fans with enough drive to write about him, draw him, or give him shout outs on Twitter almost daily. I’m one of them. I’m that soccer mom that is consistently cheering on the sidelines along with the other moms standing on the sidelines as well. Here I am two years later, right before the launch of his album, reflecting on the type of unity being that fan has gotten me, along with still being as impressed with Porter as I had first been.

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  • I named the robot girl in Sad Machine.
  • This combines Sea of Voices/Sad Machine/Lionhearted AND The City (Madeon).
  • All characters are based entirely off PR fans as well as Madeon fans. (As well as his team! Like Ghostdad!)
  • This story is meant to be completely all over the place. Like a roller coaster!


"Would you like a song?" 

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California Worlds tour dates are going to be the easiest thing to do ever.

Fly into Oakland > Take the BART to San Francisco > Go to the first show > Megabus to Los Angeles > Go to show > Fly back home to New York.

Phrase one of the Worlds Tour already complete. @.@ Just need to get the airfare. CA west coast babes, I’m coming for you!


And though I know, since you’ve awakened her again
She depends on you, she depends on you!
So go on, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend on you!
And though I know, since you’ve awakened her again
She depends on you, she depends on you!
So go on, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend on you!


his vs her - sad machine

Wrote this semi-poetry thingy inspired by sad machine.

He can see her

by the light of the fire in the sky -

between sunset and dusk

her eyes watch him ]

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