I: Sea of voices.

Follow the dirt path where the light begins and keep following it until the light dips up from the tree branches all the way up to the leaves that tremble in the wind. Here lies the greatest untold treasure that the borough of Worlds has to offer. A valley that’s nestled deep within the sanctuaryof trees, untouched by modern civilization. Maki climbs and climbs until she can see the light of the sun beginning to dip over the tops of those trees. She stops to admire the slivers of gold that have come to decorate colorful leaves and branches. The breath of the wind chimes in, playing a melody through her hair and entwines itself in her fingers. The wind carries the voices that carry from the people of the valley, down below the path.

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Now that we have a title after subtle hints over the course of months, let the speculation train run wild.

What is ‘Worlds’ going to look like to you? Or feel like?

re: PR Squad

It really doesn’t sit well with me that some people are looking at this term and associating a cult-like following attached to it, or some sort of exclusive club that’s impossible to join and end up making people feel like shit about. Can we just go back to the basics here? I’ve been all about meeting and following up with cool new fans that love him as much as I do, or even those casual fans who come for his music. They’re all important in the support we offer. 

So if you’re the kid just sitting around one day, and you happen to buy Spitfire, Language, or have a moment to Easy or anything else he’s put out, you’re a squad member. Go to one or two shows? You’re a part of the family. Just a casual fan who respects him? Get in here, I want to hug you. Anything and everything people do to support him, even if they’ve never seen him live in their lives, they’re treasured parts of this family. Which has gotten quite large, it seems.

So never feel left out, or that there’s exclusivity going on here that you can’t partake in. There is nothing that makes me more happy than meeting tons of people who respect him and just want to show that. In whatever way they possibly can.

Plus, it’s 2014. Let’s stop this wack ass concept of being snobs because he’s going to be dropping an album and we’re bracing ourselves for the biggest party ever this year.

Now hug me, y’all all rock.

PS: Yes I said wack.

Porter Robinson
Winter Galactic

Porter Robinson tonight. At midnight. Winter Galactic.

I can’t even process how stoked I am.

( ̄▽ ̄)

I’m actually sacrificing myself to listening / watching Porter’s set at Cinema thanks to Rudy (the audio in it is actually pretty good). It’s weird, I’m so far gone during his shows live (really, I’m in my own world of just dancing, singing and just completely absorbing myself in his set), that when I step back and watch them not in a live setting, I’m just as wow’d as I am in person. 

Seriously, he’s so fantastic at what he does, and it’s only going to get better and I’m so proud of him every single day, and even more proud of him as 2014 approaches. An artist that can make me feel something so strongly in my heart each and every single time I see him is really important. 

[13.07.12] Porter Robinson @ Echostage.

All right, this trip was a little impromptu but I was glad my gut was telling me just to wing it and go. When I arrived at the venue, some of the first words out of my mouth to my friends were, ‘heehee, the ‘o’ looks like a Pokeball!’. /Nerding.

Anyway, we froze outside for two hours before we were let in, and this was the first time I’d ever been to Echostage after hearing numerous good reviews from people who frequent the venue. There is something truly glorious anyways about walking into a venue to an empty dance floor with the entire front rail spread out in front of you. Echostage looked like a galactic playground. Brightly decorated, vibrant blue lighting and an impressively large stage. I love good looking venues so much. The sound system was already pounding against my ears, and we all merrily danced our way up to the railing, cheered, and danced around for a while. We knew we were going to be up there for a long time, but hey! We were there for the main man and wanted one of the best seats in the house. It was the normal routine. 

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Out of eighteen Porter shows, Echostage tonight had to be one of my absolute favorites. I’ve never really cried at a Porter show until tonight. When he spoke to the crowd, dedicated Language to us, I was pretty much a goner. Sobbing on that front rail. DC was bananas, and I loved every second of it.