All you OZ babies go get your tickets! 
This poster is basically orionfalls. 

Friday I leave for Los Angeles. Oh my god, where did that come from? I’m not ready but ready all at once. I always get antsy before a trip. 


this came today and i am so excited. legit the best BB cream ever. (well for me at least!)

Silent yelling because I have to get up at 9:30 to buy Madeon tickets to his show in DC. The yelling is out of utter joy, to be honest.

gunna go hunt down this sweater because i love it and really want it! to forever21 i go.

I ordered my Galaxy S III for my employee line for $50 (down from $200) today and it was pretty glorious. It’s pretty much the only Android phone that I absolutely love. I’m not so keen on the note. It’s too big for me and the phone seemed too buggy for me as opposed to the S III.

I was weary of the S III because I have the S II and I hate it. Haha. It’s super buggy, but I noticed a HUGE change in the III. 

Anyway, I bought the blue one because I am not attracted to the white. This was the story of my lone Black Friday purchase. The end.

I’m going to EDC LAS VEGAS!!!! :)

Today is a good day. Voted, and because of me being a frequent flyer, I got an extra discount off NYE flight prices to Chicago. I paid less than half of what I would’ve paid. So excited. 

Porter Robinson  at the end of the year, here I come!